Oh Roly, this wasn’t supposed to happen

Katrien – Shall I get on the phone to Bob to see if he’se812713153652ae1abe156abbbe9d48e up for another go Roly? I really had a good feeling that Jose was going to be our Alex Ferguson.

Roland – Calm down dear, Jason can take the flack for this one, we’ll tell him he’s got to leave next week.

Katrien – How about that Serbian fellow in Hungary, I heard he had a summer holiday in Bognor Regis when he was 9 years old?

Roland – I thought about him but Ujpest are now #1 in the network. I’m thinking of shipping out Gudmundsson, Solly and Jackson to Hungary next week to cover the £2m we’re losing out on Watt.

Katrien – Can we catch up this week about those customers? They planning another one of their silly meetings after the game, last time I had to use the underground tunnel to Charlton station wearing a burka.

Roland – Well, er, I would be there but I’m going to FC Carl Zeiss Jena’s away game at Duisburg 3rd XI and then rushing back to watch STVV with the boys.

Katrien – Roly, you’re never here… the sofa’s looking a bit tatty, Target 20k is proving a bit difficult and we need to get some new, thicker blinds for the boardroom. If you don’t come over soon, I’m going to have to tell them…

Roland – Just keep quiet and don’t say anything dear, we know what happens when you open your mouth….


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