The magic roundabout in SE7

Magic+RoundaboutKatrien: Jose, we’ve already had over 40 players here at The Valley this season – that is if you include Bergdich and Sarr.

Jose: Yes Katrien but they are all crap.

Roland: Karol tells me we have found a young lad in the Belgian 5th division who is banging them in for fun. You should take a look at him?

Jose: Yes Roland but Karol’s opinion is crap. Do you mean Polish Pete?

Katrien: No, he’s actually working on a building site in Slough now and doing rather well for himself. Anyway what was wrong with the young lad from Oxford? Reece.

Jose: If you mean Reece Oxford from West Ham. I had never heard of him. It’s goals we need you stupid woman.

Roland: Now now Jose. Talking of scoring goals, I’m afraid we’re going to ship out our top scorer Mr Watt.  We can’t risk him scoring the goals that might mean you stay up. You do want that penthouse suite at the new development above the Jimmy Seed don’t you Jose?

Jose: Yes master.





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